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Honeywell online commercial video production

Updated: May 13, 2022

Every few months we work on a project with a small agency called Meimai in Taipei. They handle digital marketing for quite a few beauty and consumer brands. We were invited to create a whimsical and fun online video for the introduction of the new Honeywell home air purifier. The technical and marketing requirements for the project required some brainstorming and problem-solving, but we are always up for a challenge!

We needed to create a script that would address all of the key benefits and features of the product, while still being entertaining and appealing. We also had to be able to split the commercial into multiple short web videos for different activations, multiple social media postings and platforms. Finally, we needed to produce a video that could meet the quality requirements of a global brand, remain on brand stylistically, but stay within a tight budget. After several brainstorming sessions, and con-calls with the agency, we settled on a fun script involving a single model in a small studio, and a one-continuous-shot concept.

The storyboard looked a little something like this:

We suggested a few different models for the role, and in the end the client chose a commercial model named Bunny, who was our first choice as well.

It required some preparation and rehearsal, but with the help of our resourceful set artist Wenjing Lo, gaffer Hu Wei, stylist Azzurro Kuo, 1st AC David Weng, we nailed it. Chris Wiebe added a funky music track and some audio embellishment, and I gave it a quick color correction in Resolve. It was a really fun shoot, as you can see from this look behind the scenes:

Here are some stills from the final commercial:

Here are some GIFs from the commercial:

The final commercial had a long version, and multiple 15 second and 6 second second versions for use on different media. Client. social media and consumer response was solid, and we continue to work with Meimai agency on projects for Honeywell and other brands. Here is the long version video:

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