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Mediatek: Product launch for the Dimensity 9000

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We were contacted again by Edelman, the largest PR company in the world, about doing a project for MediaTek, one of the biggest chip manufacturers in the world, who happen to be based in Taiwan. When working with massive companies like these, we have to keep focused on risk reduction, efficiency, and staying on brand. Edelman came up with the idea of combining visuals of top MediaTek engineers and real influencers in a documentary-style teaser. Our responsibilities on the project involved refining the script and messaging, in both Chinese and English, creative development, talent casting, planning and logistics, several days of video production, and some time-sensitive postproduction. We brainstormed about who would be featured in the videos, and in the end it was decided that we would work with wildlife photographer Henry Lin, and professional gamer Karessa Lin. The video also featured MediaTek senior engineers YR Chen and Nathan Li.

The scripts of the two videos included multiple interviews, some created scenarios, and shots of Henry and Karessa using products with the Dimensity chips inside. Most of the footage was shot on Red Monstro with Tokina Vista lenses. We had to deal with some really awful weather, and somehow make it look like the sun was shining, so that added another layer of challenges.

Long time collaborator Muddy Wang gave us a spectacular color grade. We wanted the whole video to be quite vibrant and young:

Here are a few screenshots from the project:

and here are a few key moments in GIF format:

We put our edited footage into an Aftereffects project, to make it a little more unique, and a good way to switch back and forth between our influencers, the engineers, and our B-Roll and animation. Here is the finished "Photographer" video, English version:

Here is the finished "Gamer" video, English version:

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