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National Taiwan University Cancer Center - Corporate Video Production

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

A well-known charitable group in Taiwan called the Yonglin Foundation contacted us about creating an overview video and multiple shorter versions of the recently completed cancer research and treatment center at National Taiwan University. The founder of the Yonglin Foundation is Taiwan businessman Terry Gou (郭台銘), the founder and CEO of Foxconn, who recently acquired SHARP. SHARP has been developing some impressive imaging and display technology over the past few years, including 8K screens and cameras, a fact that proved to be relevant to this video project.

Due to the complex nature of the project, with multiple decision makers, all with different perspectives, the preproduction and script understandably took some time to develop and confirm. Here is an example of part of our initial shooting plan:

This project presented multiple logistical challenges. The hospital was still fully under construction while we were filming, so we had to choose our angles carefully, and avoid construction workers, big orange signs or equipment all the time. The hospital was not actually operational until after we had finished filming, so 99% of the people appearing on camera in the roles of doctors, nurses, hospital staff, patients, or visitors were all actors that we arranged. Another issue was the sensitive nature and strict safety regulations of some locations, such as the chemotherapy research center, or operating rooms. We were often unable to bring in some equipment, or it had to be hygienically sealed.

As I mentioned, when we started shooting this project, the founder of Foxconn had recently acquired SHARP, who were developing 8K imaging technology, so he was keen on showing off his new technology at the press conference for the hospital opening, as well as using some of our video on large 8K screens within the hospital. As a result, the filming and postproduction for some of the video was done entirely in 8K resolution, including some of aerial footage. It was a little nerve-wracking sending a $30,000 Red Helium 8K camera up in the air on a drone, but we managed to complete the mission smoothly.

We created quite a few 2D animations for the video, based on data provided by the Yonglin Foundation, the future construction blueprints, and the logo design. For example:

In order to accommodate the availability of certain locations, we ended up filming a total of 5 days, spread across several months. Here are a few more behind the scenes images:

Here are some GIFs of a few key parts of the video:

In the end, we made multiple versions of the video, in different lengths, in different languages. We received great feedback from the Yonglin Foundation, from the nurses and doctors, and from Terry Gou himself, who apparently said, "very impressive." We completed this video in October, 2019. Here is the English language long version video:

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