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A Powerful Commercial for the GOGORO Pulse Electric Scooter

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Hot on the heels of our 3 part series documenting the design and development of the Gogoro Pulse high=performance electric scooter, we were asked to create a TV and online commercial showcasing the raw power and performance that the Pulse brings to the Asian scooter market. We wanted something visually stunning, that was more visceral and emotional, rather than focusing on the technology and features. We decided to shoot at a private airstrip, surrounded by dusty plains in southern taiwan. Drawing at least a tiny bit of inspiration from Mad Max, we braved the blistering sunshine and got to work.

We decided to use a Red Raptor with Tokina Vista lenses as the main camera, and the new Ember slow-motion camera for a few shots, as well as a GoPro to get a little raw energy. We brought an Arri 18K par to give us a little punch in the lighting department.

Here are screenshots of a few of our favorite moments from the commercial:

and here's a few in GIF form!

We played with various looks for the final color palette.

Next, we added some excitement with some VFX, and enhanced the sandy dusty windy element of the shoot. In.a few shots, we created a sandstorm of out stock assets, and composited them into the final video.

The final commercial was delivered in 4K, with 15 second and 30 second TV commercials, 30 second and 6 second online commercials, and a special version for a gigantic outdoor LED screen.

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