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VOLVO Technicians and Tea

We were contacted by Mustard Agency in Singapore to put together a project for VOLVO, focusing on the service concept and technical team who handle their industrial and construction equipment. The idea was to draw a comparison between the tea industry in Taiwan, and the field technicians that service VOLVO's customers. Both industries value skill, expertise, attention to detail, and care for the craft. Given the cultural significance of tea in Taiwan, it felt like a compelling concept.

After a couple weeks of planning and discussion, we took a small team to the south of Taiwan for a two day shoot. One day at a processing plant, and one day at a tea factory. It was about 35 degrees C for both days, so we occasionally took shelter in the shade of the massive equipment.

Here are a few screenshots from the finished project:

and a few GIFs:

We ultimately delivered a 90 second and a 30 second version, in 9:16. 1:1. and 16:9 sizes for different media.

Here is the final 90 second version:

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