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AUO + AdLink : A New Take on Industrial Robots

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

We work with technology companies a lot, so when we were contacted by computer and LED juggernaut, AUO, and artificial intelligence innovator FARobot, to create a product launch video and branding assets for their new industrial robot venture, we were all over it. After a lot of discussion, location scouting, and investigation of their new products, we pitched a shooting plan. We wanted to do something new and fresh, that would stand out from all of the other corporate videos and product videos that you'd be likely to see at tech exhibitions.

Our shooting plan included three slightly unusual elements, and we were a little unsure how the client would react and if they'd accept the concepts. First, we suggested using bright and saturated colors in the video, rather than the typical stark black, white and metallic tones that you typically see in technology and industrial videos. We hoped it would bring a little more life and whimsy into the videos, as they were already very focused on the robots and artificial intelligence. Second, we suggested using more aggressive and modern music to accompany the videos, rather than the classical music or corporate audio tracks you typically hear in this kind of project. The average age of tech exhibition attendees is getting younger and younger, and the average age of workers in the AI or robotics space is especially young, so we felt the choice in music should reflect that, and not choose something that would appeal only to a 60 year-old CEO. The third unusual suggestion in our shooting plan was to incorporate modern dance, and edit some dancers' movements into the video as a metaphor for the graceful motion and synchronized teamwork of the robots. To our surprise, they liked and approved all three suggestions. We shot for 3 days total. One day at a manufacturing plant, one day at the research center, and then a half day at a large studio, where we shot the dancers. Due to company and Covid restrictions, we kept our crew to a minimum. Here are a few behind the scenes photos:

We were able to get 90% of the bright colors into the shots using lighting, and then augmented it during the color grading process: Here is a look at the color palette we used:

Here are some key images from the project:

Here are some of our favorite moments from the videos, in GIF format:

We edited many different versions of the videos for different uses such as exhibitions, website, launch event, and various short social media clips. Here are a two of them:

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