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BMW i4 Product Launch Film 2022

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We were asked by BMW and their agency BBDO to produce a 10 minute video for the official launch of the new all-electric BMW i4. We had to prepare, shoot, and finish all the postproduction up to their high standards on quite a tight deadline. We had to shoot a massive list of features and details for two different models of the i4, and also capture the beautiful design and overall vibe of the cars. We always have to weigh up the pros and cons of shooting slightly stripped down over multiple days, or pack as much as we can in one shoot day. We decided to go with one long shoot day, and with a better studio, and more crew and equipment. Launch films typically don't have the same budget as commercials, so we had to very careful how we organized our spending.

After a week of brainstorming, we decided to go with a pretty straightforward set. We painted the studio completely black, and custom-made a big neon sign in the shape of the new i4 logo.

The marketing team at BBDO refined the long 10-minute script, which introduces the overall concept of the BMW electric series, and highlights all of the new features and innovations in the i4.

The BMW in-house i-series expert Sean Chang would be our host for the day. We decided on a wardrobe for him, and he started preparing his lines. We shot one type of lighting for the sleek and elegant i4, and slightly adjusted the lighting design for the sporty m50 edition. Our lighting on the day consisted of some Arri Skypanel S60's, a few Aputure 600X's, and a couple boxes of 4' Astera tubes. We also added 8 concert-style programmable lights for some excitement. A 24' Cam-Mate crane helped us get some smooth motion, and we shot on a Red Monstro with Tokina Vista lenses.

Old homie and killer photographer Steven Vigar ( came by and knocked out some stellar photos at the client's request.

In addition to the 2TB of files we captured during our monster studio session, BMW provided some nice driving footage from European head office which was intended for use in launch films all over the world. Our editor Jumi Chen nailed the edit on a very tight schedule, and then we did a nice color grading session to get things looking just right.

Here are some nice screenshots from the final finished film:

Here are a few GIFs from the final video:

The final video was trimmed to about 9 minutes long, and has had a fantastic response online so far, with almost a million organic views in the past week, 4000 likes, almost 200 shares and over 200 positive comments. Here is the finished film:

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