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Commercial Video Production: BRAUN S9 Razor digital project

Updated: May 13, 2022

I was invited to collaborate with Pointing Films in Taipei to direct a commercial for Braun razors. It was part of a larger project from an agency called One Shot, which handles several P&G consumer product lines. I have worked a few times with executive producer Allen Kuo and he is always great to work with.

We discussed the creative direction and script for 2 weeks with the agency and client, and in the end we decided on a darkly humorous storyline, appropriate for the young urban target audience of this particular product.

We had a limited schedule and budget, so we needed to make smart decisions about how to design the production. Although having a beautiful location, and great lighting, and a good model, and solid postproduction, and elaborate grip would be ideal, it was impossible to have the best of everything. As this was a social media commercial, for a small consumer product, we decided that the lighting, the model, and colorgrading were more important than having a big location or extensive art and props, or fancy grip equipment like a crane, so that decision dictated how we created the budget. We wanted to keep the location, the props, and the lighting minimalistic, and keep the colorgrading simple, almost monochromatic. The entire script consisted of medium and close shots.

We shot in a small studio, and brought in some basic art and props, like a bedside table. We shot with a Red Monstro and Tokina Vista lenses, plus a Zeiss 50mm macro for some product details.

I feel this simplified color scheme really helps the silver product look more premium.

The final commercial was 30 seconds long, and was cut into many versions with different sizes and lengths for different social media purposes. The local and regional brand reps, as well as the agency, were very happy with how the spot turned out. Thanks again to Pointing Films and One Shot. Here is the long version final video, and one of the repurposed versions:

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