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Cathay Life Insurance : 2021 Teachers Day short film 國泰人壽教師節短片製作的幕後花絮

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Taiwan Video Production: Every year in Taiwan, Cathay Life Insurance celebrates National Teachers Day by creating a short film inspired by the life of a real teacher. We were honored to be chosen to write, direct and produce this year's short film. Drawing inspiration from the kindness and hard work shown by a well-loved physical education teacher known as "Hai Guai" (Sea Monster), our friend and scriptwriter Deborah put together a heartwarming tale of rebellion, darkness and light, redemption and positive vibes featuring notable actors Huang Jian Wei, Mike Lin, and Gino Yang. I was director and DP on the short film, and we shot with a Red Monstro and Orion Anamorphic lenses, mostly handheld, with 1st AC David Weng pulling focus.

This is a behind the scenes video of the production:

This is a 30 second trailer that was released a week before the film:

Here is the final short film:

We shot the short film over 3 intense days around Taipei and New Taipei City. In the end, the final cut of the short film was just over 10 minutes long and was warmly received by the Taiwan public. With well over a million views, 2300 comments and 2500 shares on social media, this was the most successful Teachers Day film Cathay has sponsored to date.

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