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Clover French Restaurant

Updated: Jun 23

This is the 3rd year we were asked to produce a culinary video for luxury shopping center Bellavita, located in Taipei, Taiwan. Clover is a famous restaurant in France, founded by Michelin award-winning chef Jean-Francois Piege. Bellavita undertook the ambitious feat of opening a branch of Clover in Taipei. Once again we were able to work with our friends at Unicorn Marketing, and once again we accepted a challenging brief. This time the challenge was an incredibly tight filming schedule. We only had about 4 hours total in the restaurant, and only 2.5 hours with the chef, and we knew that the shopping center and the chef had extremely high expectations for the video, and we had to conduct the interview in French, via a translator.

We created a shooting plan with composition and lighting references, and a script for the interview. On the day of the shoot, the chef went freestyle after recording our script, and in the final edit, we used about 50% scripted and 50% freestyle. We filmed with a Red V-Raptor and Sigma Cine prime lenses. It was a grey, rainy day, so we lit up the restaurant with an Aputure 1200, 600, and 60. Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos! We were very rushed, so we weren't able to take many pictures.

Colorist Paul Hanrahan delivered a slick grade on the video, with some cool elements, but with an overall warmth and deliciousness.

Here are some screenshots from the final video!

Here are few key moments from the video in GIF format!

Here is the final edit!

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