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Commercial Video Production : Color Palette Analysis Part 2

Updated: May 13, 2022

It's time for another edition of color palette analysis. As long as you aren't doing something clearly technically wrong, and you match the client's company colors and actual product color, your color palette is entirely subjective. It depends on the mood you're trying to convey and the overall stylistic choices. I think cultural, age, gender, and other variations of color preference are fascinating, as is how what media a video appears on influences color preferences. It's been argued that simpler and warmer color palettes do better on small screens like Instagram on a mobile phone screen. I recently directed a commercial aimed at Southeast Asian markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, and the client and test groups strongly preferred pale pink, magenta and whiter color palettes, but when the same commercial was shown to an American audience, they voiced a preference for a warmer tone with oranges and greens. To what degree do monochromatic or cooler tones signify "technology"? To what extent are yellow, orange and red tones imply human connection or family? These concepts differ significantly across different ethnic, age, and gender groups, so getting the most out of a commercial video requires a deep understanding of the target market, but this has to be balanced against the story the director is trying to tell as well as his/her personal style.

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