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GOGORO Delight : Product Launch July, 2022

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We were happy to be working once again with our longtime client, electric scooter brand Gogoro, on a product launch for their new scooter, the Delight. An all-female team of designers, researchers, and engineers created an electric scooter with a dozen new features and adjustments that female consumers specifically asked for. We spent 2 weeks brainstorming, discussing and planning before we locked our script and storyboard. We did casting for the models, our wardrobe stylist Min started collecting potential outfits, and our art director Chin-Fu started making sketches and plans for our set and the props. The models we decided on were Kylie, Juuko, and Fabiana, as they fit the look and different demographics we were aiming for.

We shot for 3 full days at Central Motion Picture studios in Taipei, Taiwan in June, 2022. Our primary camera was a Red Monstro, with Tokina Vista lenses and a Laowa probe lens. We also used a 24' Cam-Mate jib, a turntable, and various other pieces of grip. We decided to use almost entirely tungsten lighting for this project, as we felt it works well with our color palette and also gave us the punchy sunshine vibe we were looking for. Our primary creative edit was handled by Remi Orth, and our own Jumi Chen was the edit supervisor, and exported all the final files. Jing Liddell was our postproduction producer, Kenji delivered the animation cuts, and Muddy Wang gave us the slick colorgrade. As there were 8 different versions of the video, it was quite a task to get all of the colorgrading, retouching, edit tweaks, and animation nailed within our tight schedule. We decided on the music track "Coconut" by Chair Model, as it perfectly fits the overall vibe and tempo we wanted. Or color grade looks like this!

Here are a few key frames from the commercial:

Here are q few behind-the-scenes photos:

Here are some key moments from the video in glorious GIF format:

We delivered a ton of photos for this project, including key visuals for giant billboards, website material, online ads, event printouts, and instore branding and brochures. We called on photographer Sean Marc Lee to work with us to capture of all these still images. Our art director Liu Chin-Fu, gaffer Ma Ge, and retoucher Jake all contributed heroic efforts to get everything done, and at a very high level. Here are a few of the final images:

Here is the final long version of the commercial:

Here is the final TV commercial version:

Here are the 3 vertical versions, for Instagram promotion, and instore vertical screens:

The product launch went very well, and the ad spend is currently underway, including TV commercials, online commercials, billboards, and test-ride events.

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