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GOGORO Super Sport (Online, TV and print campaign)

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Our client of almost 7 years, Gogoro, makers of innovative electric motorcycles and the GoStation energy network, asked us to produce a series of videos and photos for the launch of their new scooter, the Super Sport. It involved several new technologies and improvements, and they wanted a slick and stylish commercial for the product launch.

I invited old friend and accomplished director Andrew Gregg to join me in co-directing the videos, as well as fashion photographer Sean Marc Lee to handle the photo needs. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming and discussing, we decided on a direction, and started preproduction. This involved sketching storyboards, finding interesting locations, actor casting, preparing art and SFX, and deciding things like the wardrobe and color palette. We decided on Kevin Tai, and Lara Okimoto as our primary models, and several other extras for minor roles. We invited wardrobe stylist Asano Zhu, makeup artist Azzurro Kuo, and hairstylist Nina Chiang to join our team.

We added gaffer A-Zhe Chen, line producer James Ho, and 1st AC David Weng to our team. We found all of the locations necessary for our script, including streets, bridges as well as indoor spots, such as a service tunnel, an ocean science museum, and a hotel lobby. We wanted to use several different kinds of effects on this project, including "Lidar", hanging from wires, slowmotion, a follow car, and digital composition of backgrounds. We decided to shoot with a Red Monstro and Tokina Vista lenses. The lighting was really challenging as the new paint finish on this model is very unusual, and it changes color based on the angle of the lighting and the camera. In order to keep it close to the target shiny dark green color, we had to experiment and improvise a little. Here are a few behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

One location in particular was very memorable. It's an ocean science museum. It already looks quite cool, even without lighting:

We added a lot of light, including two Arri Skypanel S360's

And it became this:

We recruited editor Remi Orth to put a little of his unique flair into the videos, and went to Muddy Wang at iView for some slick colorgrading. Flower Chen put in some late nights doing some compositing and clean up work, and FilmTailor brought their SFX expertise for our LiDar effect. Our old friend and frequent collaborator Chris Wiebe created a very dark and delicious original music track for the final videos.

Here are some a few of my favorite still images from the final video:

Here is one of the many photos that ended up on billboards and in stores:

Everyone loves GIFs!

In the end, we had an 80 second master version, a 60 and 30 second product-focused launch video, and multiple 15 and 7 second videos focusing on specific features. Sales of the limited edition Super Sport are going very well and it's almost sold out. Here is the long version video:

UPDATE! We won 2 Telly Awards (2022) in the Online Commercials category for this project! One in directing and one for cinematography. Congratulations to the whole team!

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