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GOGORO Rumbler TVC and Online Campaign

Updated: May 13, 2022

Our long-time client, electric scooter brand Gogoro, called us with a special project. They needed a commercial for a limited edition scooter model called the Rumbler, aimed primarily at 20-25 year old males. We wanted to use very "street" and aggressive imagery, like vicious dogs barking, flares, concrete and loud abrasive music. With the help of our frequent collaborator and art director Chin-Fu Liu, we designed and built a uniquely shaped set reminiscent of an underground tunnel or bunker. We used as much repurposed and recycled materials found in the scrap area of the studio as we could.

We shot video and photos over two days at Arrow Studios near Taipei. Elan Grip brought their crane and dolly skills, 1st AC David Weng pulled focus, and gaffer Hu Wei illuminated us.

We tried to keep the color palette completely monochrome, with a little bit of red. Here are some GIFs of a few nice visuals from the finished commercial.

We made several versions for different media including a TV commercial, and various ads for Facebook and Youtube. Long time collaborator Chris Wiebe created a killer original music track for the commercial. The response to the campaign was very positive with over a million views on social media, and the limited edition scooters all sold out quite quickly. Here is one of the final versions:

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