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Hannspree Smartwatch commercial

Updated: May 13, 2022

A small marketing agency we work with from time to time asked us to help with a commercial video for one of their important clients. The goal was to create an eye-catching and informative 60 second video for a new Hannspree smartwatch, for online promotion in Southeast Asia. The budget was limited and the schedule was tight, but we enjoy working with this agency, and it seemed like the project would be a lot of fun, so we agreed, and started making a plan. The client was adamant about a few things. The video had to showcase several smart features of the watch, and take place in a few specific locations, and they wanted the video to be a day in the life of a young "Korean-style" couple. After some talent casting we decided on Nikki and Justin to be our lead actors.

We shot at the badminton court of a sports center, a sidewalk in downtown Taipei, and at a house that is set up as a photo and film studio, with a dining room, bedroom, livingroom, and front yard. Time was very tight, so we had to be efficient and selective with our time, and only shoot the shots we needed. The models were very easy to work with and look great on camera, and our hair and makeup team is topnotch, so that helped a lot.

We used Aputure 600x and 300x LED lights and a 1.2 HMI to keep our warm sunshine look going all day long. We shot on a Red Monstro with Tokina Vista lenses.

These are some screenshots from the finished video:

I played with different color options during postproduction, but decided on a subtle low contrast warm look, with slightly exaggerated magenta tones, as is often popular with commercials of this kind in East Asia. Here is a little video showing the color-grading steps.

Everyone loves GIFs!

The final video will be used in many countries around Asia, in several different languages. The client was very happy with how it turned out, and loves the overall look. Here is the English version:

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