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ProLogium Corporate Image Film

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

ProLogium is a Taiwanese technology company that focuses on innovating battery technology to become more efficient, more powerful, and safer, and specifically developing solid state batteries. We were happy to be brought onboard by Edelman Singapore, the agency handling ProLogium's global PR and marketing, to produce and direct a 10 minute video introducing the company's founders and key leaders, the impressive technology they have been developing, and the challenges facing the industry. We worked with ProLogium and Edelman for 3-4 weeks to decide the overall strategy for the video production, including refining the script, determining what elements of the research and production process should appear in the video, who should appear in the video, where, and what they should say. We shot at the manufacturing plant and research facility near Taipei for two days in June and August. 2021, and another day for interviews and aerial footage of ProLogium's locations. We used Red cameras, Tokina Vista lenses, and DJI drones. Here are some screen shots of key moments from the video:

During the postproduction, we tried to use a very modern and young approach, in terms of edit tempo, post-camera movement, music choice, color grading, and text. Here are a few GIFs illustrating our choices during the colorgrading process:

During the course of the project, we delivered a long version of the company video, a short version, various video and photo assets for the website and other company promo, as well as corporate headshots/team composite photo.

The project was very well received and we were happy to find out not long after the video was finished that ProLogium secured $326 million in investment, and a very large global contract with Mercedes-Benz. We are thrilled be play a tiny part in ProLogium continued success.

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