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Branding Video for Zerova

Updated: Apr 17

A behind the scenes lphoto of Zerova EV Charging Video Production.  Barker Production is Taiwan's highest rated bilingual video production company.  Bluescreen studio, virtual production, Creative, preproduction, production, postproduction. model, asian, model, set design, set construction
Zerova EV Charging Video Production BTS

We were contacted by Taiwanese electronics company, Phihong, to create a new branding video fortheir new sub-brand Zerova, reflecting their transformation into a leader in the battery-charging industry. The primary product we wanted to focus on was their rapid-charge battery station, an exciting new innovation allowing for quick charging across many car manufacturers that is safe, efficient, and customizable. We also wanted to give the company an overall image revitalization, and create short and long versions of the brand video to be used at different events and on different media. After a few weeks of discussion and brainstorming we decided on a script and shooting style. Due to logistics and product accessibility, we decided a studio shoot was the best plan. We created a full-size charging station in a studio, incorporating one of the conceptual designs from Phihong and their existing charging dock product. We decided on a blue screen as a background, allowing us to composite any background into the scene. We could create a day scene or a night scene, urban or rural. After some actor casting, we decided on several actors, including these two for the primary video, Carina and Kevin.

We bounced around various different set concepts, and finally camera up with a great design.

We built the set for 3 days, and then shot for one day. We used a Red Monstro and Tokina Vista lenses. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot day:

After editing and colorgrading, we composited the backgrounds, and added some animation:

These are some screenshots from the finished video:

Here are some GIFs of key sequences from one of the finished videos:

The long-version video, including the factory, aerial footage and additional product shots and animation, will be released soon. This is the 30-second short version of the brand video:

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