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Aurai Shield online commercial

Updated: May 13, 2022

We created a promotional video for an eye massager product last year for a small tech company called Aurai. The video was very successful and in addition to kickstarting a lot of online sales, it also helped them far exceed their crowdfunding goals. This year, they are introducing an interesting new product called Shield. It's a rechargeable portable hot and cold compress for reducing fever, helping sore muscles, improving skin health, and more. We were tasked with creating several video, photo, and animation assets for them to use in the coming year to promote their new product.

The biggest challenge we faced was shooting 5 different scenarios, in different locations, with different actors, in order to highlight 5 different features, but doing it within the tight budget of a start-up company. We brainstormed with the client to narrow down the best locations and scenarios to show off the 5 features, and decided on: a jogger in the park, an office worker, a senior with a sore leg, a young woman's daily beauty routine, and a child, sleepless with a fever. The client wanted a good mix of ethnicities, ages, and genders, and after some basic casting, we decided on these actors:

Here are a few behind the scenes photos:

Here are a few still frames from the finished video:

We included a few sections of 3D animation to clearly show the product and its basic functionality:

Here are few more GIFs of key moments in the video:

We produced 3 different versions for Aurai, for different online promotional use. They are very happy with how the project turned out, and are confident the crowdfunding and online sales will be solid. Here is the long version of the video:

and here is a 30 second mini version for social media promotion:

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