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Commercial Video Production: BMW X6 TVC & online

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

We were happy to be invited once again to create a product launch video for BMW. This time for the X6, a premium-level SUV that looks fantastic. We were tasked with highlighting the features that differentiated the new model X6 to last years, as well as giving educated consumers something to think about when comparing it to competing models from Benz, Audi, Porsche and Lexus. The car looks so great already, that we decided to shoot the whole commercial in an all black space, and paint a shiny black floor in the studio. After discussing the specific features of the car that we wanted to highlight, and the overall tone of the camera movement, music and color grading, we drew up the storyboards, and painted the studio floor! We shot on Red Monstro with Tokina Vista lenses, and 1st AC David Weng pulled focus, We used a 32' jib from Elan grip for several shots, and the rest locked off on the tripod. We checked all the details on our 32" SmallHD studio monitor. Hu Wei was our gaffer, and James Ho was our line producer. We shot at Arrow Studios located in Linkou, near Taipei.

Red Monstro + Tokina Vista...

1st AC David Weng nailing the focus...

We did our colorgrading at iView Postproduction, and old friend Flower Chen retouched out some unwanted reflections. Chris Wiebe composed a killer music track for us. Here are some stills from the final 35 second commercial:

The video was very well received by BMW fans and the general public, with over 1 million views, over 10,000 likes and tons of positive reactions on BMW Taiwan's Facebook post. BMW phoned me on August 8th, we confirmed the creative on August 12th and storyboard on August 24th. We filmed on September 4th, locked the edit on September 10th, and did colorgrading on September 11th. After about a week of retouching and cleanup, text placement, and final tweaks on the music, we delivered the final on September 23rd, and the commercial went online a few days later. Here is the long version of the finished commercial:

Here is a fun behind the scenes video we created to document the shoot day:

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