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GOGORO Network 2022 TVC

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We were tasked by our long-term client, electric scooter brand Gogoro, to produce and direct a 20 second TV commercial showcasing all of their many different brand partners. The schedule was very tight, but the concept was clear, so we got to work and made it happen.

We started casting for the right actor ASAP, and worked on refining the script. The concept was to show all 40+ of Gogoro's brand partners in a big white studio, and feature an actor walking through the space, talking to the camera, explaining briefly how the electrification of all small motor vehicles in Taiwan is not at all impossible. We quickly locked down the layout of the 40+ scooters, the camera and crane movement, and the necessary lighting. We decided that an experienced stage and voice actor was the right person for the job:

On the shooting day, we rented a big white studio at Hongchen Studios just outside of Taipei city. We used 4 HMI M90 and a few aputure 600's for highlights, and a Red Monstro on a 32' crane.

Here are some GIFS from the commercial:

We quickly nailed the edit and scored some music, color-graded the 20 second commercial, and added some Aftereffects and text. It was less than 2 weeks from conception to airing on TV. Here is the official 20 second TV version:

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