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Slick 30 Second Commercial for GOGORO

We recently developed and produced an exciting campaign for one of our regular clients, GOGORO, featuring super cool Taiwanese celebrity Dizzy Dizzo. Our goal was to create an online commercial, a TV commercial, and a series of key visual photos to be used for online promotion and in-store use.

We wanted to push the commercial more in the direction of an edgy cosmetics campaign, in the style of Tom Ford, Chanel, or YSL, rather than a traditional car or motorcycle commercial. Pulling from a wide range of references and inspirations, and key words from the Gogoro team, we developed a storyboard and shooting script for the project. Here are some key shots from the finished commercial:

This is a quick look at the steps from raw file, to colored file, to retouched file, to the final clip including compositing of video and animated elements.

Here is the finished commercial:

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