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3 Low-key Commercials for Monokei Keyboards

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

We produced a video and photo shoot earlier this year for a cool keyboard and computer accessory company called Monokei. They have some really nice products and I like their soft-sell and understated approach to marketing. While a lot of similar brands want to fill the photos and videos with tons of features, text, and hard-sell, Monokei wanted to go with more of a subtle angle. We discussed with the client and came up with 3 lighthearted scripts. Photographer Sean Marc Lee captured some killer images on the day, and we knocked out 3 different video scripts in an afternoon/evening shoot.

The first story features a stylish professional woman, busy on a call in her kitchen, while her young child keeps himself occupied at a table nearby. He plays with his toys, but also draws on a keyboard and covers it with stickers. When the mother finishes her call, and walks over to the table, she sees the mess, but instead of losing her temper, she accepts responsibility for leaving the child unattended while she was on her work call. This is a keyboard for happy households full of love and emotional intelligence. We chose an actual mother/son to play the characters in the story.

In the second story , we see a young teenage boy in his bedroom, obviously upset about something, typing on his keyboard in front of his computer. There is a knock at the door behind him, and he wipes a tear from his eye before someone (his older sister? babysitter?) comes in to the room. She walks in and sits on the bed next to the boy. She has 2 ice cream cones with light purple (blueberry?) ice cream, matching the light purple keyboard the boy is using. At first he refuses her offer, but then he decides to move past whatever they argued about, and the mood changes. They happily chat and look at the computer screen together. We intentionally made some unexpected choices in casting, colors, and wardrobe to make the story more interesting. Here are the actors we chose:

The third story features a man sitting in his living room, using his computer quietly in the dark. The camera pulls out to reveal his wife sleeping peacefully next to him, totally undisturbed by the sounds of typing on the keyboard. We chose two actors we work with pretty regularly for these roles.

We shot all three videos, and a set of relevant photos for each, in one day. We shot on a Red Monstro with Tokina Vista lenses, and a minimal lighting setup.

Here are a few screenshots from the 3 videos:

Here are a few GIFs of some nice moments:

And here are the final three videos:

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